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Yoga Wall - Level 2 with Bryan Legere, Intermediate Iyengar III Instructor

Eighteen hours of extensive training on how to use the Great Yoga Wall® taught by certified Iyengar yoga instructor Bryan Legere. This weekend training's will greatly expand your skill and knowledge of how to use the Great Yoga Wall® system. Be cautious of others claiming to offer Great Yoga Wall® certification trainings. The only approved certification trainings are offered by Bryan Legere. All participants must have completed Level 1 to attend and enroll in this training. 

Level two requires the student to take our level one course first.  In level two, we will go deeper into backbends, standing poses, opening our knees and hips, work on forward bends and twists and work with adjustments on each other. Even though the level two course has some review of level one, you are expected to have taken our level one course and have practiced on the Great YogaWall® for a while.  Learning yoga takes time and it takes time for your body to get use to working with the Great Yoga Wall®; It also takes experience for youto become familiar using the equipment.  This why it is important for you to have taken our level one course first.  Level two is not just more information but working deeper into the poses and working on more advanced poses. It takes time to prepare for this work.

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