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Yoga Wall Workshop

  • Hot Yoga Inc 31839 South Gateway Center Plaza Federal Way, WA, 98003 United States (map)

Session 1: Friday, 1-3 PM
Shoulder, Chest & Neck Essence
In this session, we will discuss the anatomy and movement of the shoulder to understand how the practices of yoga on the wall can help us open the chest, shoulders, upper back and neck while creating strength. This session will include standing poses including backbends. Because shoulder-stand is a foundation pose in yoga, we will also be exploring various techniques on the wall that make this pose more assessable. 

Session 2: Saturday, 1-3 PM
Strength and Stability through Standing Poses
This session introduces the warrior series, and lunges using the wall to deepen the practice and we will review the anatomy and movement of the hip joint. 

Session 3: Saturday, 6-8 PM
The Spine Rejuvenation Series and Inversions
The Spine Rejuvenation Series comes for the work of Aadil Palkhivala and the process of healing his own spine. We will be doing the series in its entirety and then exploring inversions on the Great Yoga Wall. 

Session 4: Sunday, 1-3 PM
Yoga on the Wall as this entire session will include a general practice done completely on the wall including standing poses, inversions, twists and backbends, finishing with savasana on the wall. 

Each session is $75 or the complete workshop is $295. To register online, click here. 

The entire workshop will be held a Hot Yoga Inc, 31839 Gateway Center Blvd S, Federal Way, WA 98003. 

Please call Emily, at (253) 528-0880 for more information.