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I owe you more than I can even express and am forever grateful. You changed my life.
— Mary Jane Keith, E-RYT 500 (Minnesota)
I have been practicing yoga under the direction of Renée DeTar since 2004. Through her encouragement and guidance I began teaching in early 2009 and earned my 200 RYT. The knowledge and skill that Renée has bestowed upon me has changed my life forever. I am now close to finishing up my 500 hr RYT solely through Renée. She is truly gifted, talented, and extremely knowledgeable, not only in asana, but all aspects of yoga. If I am only endowed with a small fraction of the knowledge that Renée has attained over her yoga career I will be and am blessed. Thanks to Renée I live my yoga everyday and stand tall figuratively and literally. I will forever hear her voice in my head, “Shoulders back and down!” My heart is forever grateful that Renée came into my life.
— Carol Young, RYT 200 (Kansas)
Renée is blessed with many gifts – one of these is her ability to creatively teach and inspire all levels of yoga students from beginner basics through master classes for teachers. Her guidance has allowed me to take the anatomy learned in chiropractic school from a one dimensional level of muscle attachments onto the spine and spin it into a three dimensional view of how the muscles work together to power to the body. I would never have considered becoming a teacher without her skillful instruction. Now teaching my class is the joyful highlight of the week. I’m thankful to have been nurtured by her along the RYT 200 path and I’m excited to be soon finishing a RYT 500 certification under her tutelage.
— Barbara Quadlander, DC, FASA (Kansas)
Renée is a truly gifted instructor. Her personal practice embodies a strength and grace that inspires. Her vast knowledge of anatomy and alignment principles, coupled with expert cues and hands-on adjustments, usher you effortlessly into asanas you never dreamed you could do. Renee’s deep comprehension of yoga philosophy allows her to relate the transformational qualities this practice offers through teachings that range from pranayama and mediation to lessons on the yamas and niyamas. I am profoundly grateful for the illuminating experiences her teacher trainings, workshops and classes have offered. Under Renee’s tutelage, I’ve gained insights that have enabled me to move my practice to a higher level on both the physical and spiritual plane.
— Jade Piros de Carhalho, RYT 500 Candidate (Kansas)

"Hi Renee...
I trust life is well is with you. I still think of the teachings you offered in your immersion training with gratefulness remembering the
time in Tulum. Much has happened since then - my 7 year relationship ended, I started healing painful memories through hypnotherapy, and I traveled/studied in Europe on my own. You were right. I learned there are people in the world, and they are not a threat to me.

Finally, yoga is no longer a fight with myself. I used to feel rejected by yoga because pain and injury permeated my sequences. Now Iflow as my mat is filled with experience over evaluation by listening to my body rather comparing to external measures. This extends from my mat to my life, and I am endowed with a deep understanding that I'm not all better now because again, you were right. There was never anything wrong with me.

With this, I send my gratitude for being a part of me which is now part of my community.


Stephanie (Sept 2017) 

Renee’s teacher training has helped me to become the teacher that I was meant to be. Her anatomy instruction helped me to see the way the body is put together; I can look at my students and know immediately if they are misaligned, not because they don’t look like a page out of Yoga Journal, but because I understand the relationships between the legs, the arms, the torso, the head, and so on. Learning class sequencing with Renee revolutionized the way I think about teaching my classes; my students feel more refreshed and relaxed after every class. Most importantly, Renee taught me that I choose who and how to be; it’s up to me to create the person that I long to be. Renee is passionate about raising up the next generation of yoga teachers. It is her life’s work. I highly recommend her RYT 200 and RYT 500 teacher trainings to any yogi who wants to change the world for the better.
— Jamie Morton, NSCA, RYT 500 (Virginia)
Renée is an AMAZING teacher, a teacher of teachers! I find Renee’s wealth of information pertaining to the whole realm of yoga and anatomy extremely unique and profound. Renee has the whole package in a teacher training program, she has it all. She was born to make a world of amazing yoga teachers. I find her training challenging and very rewarding in knowing that I’m obtaining the knowledge I need to help my students find their way around in the world through yoga. I will be forever grateful for what I have learned from Renee and always look forward to learning more from her.
— Letty Shaw, E-RYT 500 (Prenatal Specialist)