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Below please find my favorite things I use for health and healing. 

Class on the Great Yoga Wall in Oregon with Stacy Legere, Patty Kirk, and Liz Hagn

Class on the Great Yoga Wall in Oregon with Stacy Legere, Patty Kirk, and Liz Hagn

Yoga Wall

For one complete system that you will install on a 4x8' sheet of plywood, (purchase separately), I recommend the 1-1/2 Stations Deluxe set up. It includes 15 wall plates (5 rows of 3), 3 wall belts, 1 pelvic swing, 1 handle set, and one 46" wall bar. This system pictured across is shown with the Green Nylon Belt option. Please note that the pelvic swings only come in green, so if you like things to match this is important. This system is $569. I would add the slipover fuzzy sleeve on the pelvic swing, which is an additional $12.95. For my clients with back issues, I highly recommend the keeper strap ($10.95) and the lumbar traction belt ($29.95). So for about $625, plus the cost of a nice piece of plywood (around $55), shipping to your area you will have what you need for your yoga practice on the wall. 

When you click on the learn more button below, it will take you to the home page of the Great Yoga Wall. Click on Packages, then scroll down to the 1 1/2 station option and pick your color. Once you have added it to your cart, go to the Hardware link to add the keeper strap. The Fuzzy is on the pelvic swing link. 

The Reneeyoga Pilates Set

The Reneeyoga Pilates Set

ReneeYoga Pilates Set

This Pilates stretch band set has been developed for me by the great people at the Great Yoga Wall. You cannot order this directly from them, so you have to order here and I will send it to you! This set includes 5 uniquely covered stretch bands ranging in stretch capacity from light to extra heavy; 2 handles, 2 foot straps, 1 wall rope hook to hang them on your yoga wall, and 2 stretch band hooks. The discount of $35 is built-in to the price especially for ReneeYoga peeps at $350 plus shipping. 

Renee DeTar and Ray Long, MD

Renee DeTar and Ray Long, MD

BandhaYoga Books

I am very fortunate to have this man in my life and a dear friend and colleague. I highly recommend that if you are a yoga teacher, his entire collection of books needs to be in your library. I like the online Kindle version when I am training teachers, but there is nothing like a REAL book in your hands when you are studying. So you choose -- you just might need both. 

Click books below for the Kindle versions: 

The Scientific Keys (The Key Muscles and Key Poses of Yoga - 2 book Series)  $ 14.98

Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow and Standing Poses $8.49

Anatomy for Hip Openers & Forward Bends $8.49

Anatomy for BackBends & Twists $6.49

Anatomy for Arm Balances & Inversions $8.49

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Fantastic Feet!

Written and created by one of my fav Pilates teachers, Aliesa George founder of Centerworks Pilates, in Wichita, Kansas.Tools to use for maintaining healthy feet! Includes book, band, sticks, marbles and ball to do the exercises. This is a must kit (only $30 + shipping) for yoga therapists who want to include Pilates foot work in their sessions and classes. To purchase this kit click here.