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Hanna's Candida Kit- two month supply for one person. 

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Herb Pharm Wormwood Tincture - use with cloves and black walnut tincture for parasite cleanse. 


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Hanna Kroeger

On Parasites: 


Hanna taught extensively about parasites and how to address them in our bodies. We’ve compiled some of her best advice, direction, and knowledge of parasites in this post. Find this information and more in her books, Parasites the Enemy WithinGod Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Help One Another.

A parasite is an organism that derives its food, nutrition, and shelter by living in or on another organism. In biology the parasitic way of life is very common and humans may be a host to over 100 different types of parasites. Most people seem to think that a parasitic infection is uncommon, especially in North America, and prefer to not discuss parasites as it’s an unpleasant topic to consider. The truth of the matter is that parasites are prevalent, not restricted to third world countries, and there are many species that show no socioeconomic boundaries and can be found in all climates.

Once parasites are established in the body, these invaders do four things:

•Parasites can cause physical trauma to the body by perforation of the intestines, the circulatory system, the lungs, the liver, and so on. When chyme (a semifluid mass of partly digested food) is released into the perforated intestines it oozes into the lymph system. Allergies are the first reaction. In other words, parasites can make “Swiss cheese” out of your organs.

•Parasites can erode, damage, or block certain organs. They can lump together and make a ball, a tumor so to speak, and go into the brain, heart, and lungs and make untold misery for the host.

•Parasites have to eat so they rob us of our nutrients, taking the best of our vitamins and amino acids and leaving the rest to us. Many people become anemic due to this.

•These scavengers cause damage by poisoning us with their toxic waste. Each parasite gives off certain metabolic waste products that our already weakened bodies have trouble disposing of. The poisoning of the host with the parasite’s waste is a condition called “verminous intoxication”. It can be very serious and is difficult to diagnose.

An infected individual may feel bloated, tired or hungry, have allergies, gas, unclear thinking and generally may feel toxic. Certain parasites have the ability to fool the body of the host into thinking that the parasite is a normal part of the body tissue and so the body doesn’t fight the intruder. As masters of disguise, parasites can imitate the vibration of different organs and systems in the body. They thrive in stagnant conditions (congestion in the body) and toxic environments. People with low immune systems are most susceptible but even healthy individuals are at risk as a parasitic infection may wait for years to show up, starting when the body is weakened due to stress or illness. When parasites find their way to a diseased body that doesn’t provide them with the nutrition they need, they will simply form cysts around themselves and wait until the body is healthier to come out.

It is common to host more than one type of parasite at a time and by combining remedies, multiple parasites can be addressed simultaneously. Hanna taught about 5 types of parasites that affect humans:

  1. Roundworms are common worldwide, especially in warmer climates. These parasites can grow to about the size of a pencil. Some symptoms to look for include allergies, anemia, asthma, digestive disturbances, grinding of teeth at night, intestinal gas, restlessness, snoring, and weight gain around the full moon. The primary remedies for roundworms are Wormwood Combination and Wormwood Kit for adults and Cina Vibropathic for children. Some types of roundworms include pinwormhookwormdog heartworm, ascaris, trichinosisvein worm, and whipworm.
  2. Flatworms (Tapeworm family) are flat, ribbon-like parasites. There are many different species of tapeworm and humans are easy hosts. Tapeworms do not have a digestive system and absorb nutrients through their skin. They give off dangerous toxic waste and create high sugar levels in the blood. Tapeworms can be difficult to detect and typically hide behind the liver and gall bladder. Most tapeworms require an intermediate host besides humans and the worms are named accordingly (like bladder worm or rat tapeworm). The primary remedies for flatworms are Rascal for adults and Filix Vibropathic for children.
  3. Flukes are also included in the flatworm family and have two ventral suckers that allow them to attach to their hosts. Humans usually become infected through eating raw or under-cooked fish or crab, eating infected vegetation or by drinking or wading in infected water. Flukes are microscopic and can lay 100,000 eggs per day. The eggs of flukes can cause extensive damage as they pass through the body because they have tiny spines on the outside. The parasites release a toxic metabolite that may also damage the host’s tissues. The primary remedy for flukes is the Vibropathic specific to each parasite (blood flukesfish flukesintestinal flukes, liver flukeslung flukeslymph flukes, and pancreatic flukes). Once a fluke has been cleared from the system it is important to rebuild the tissue they have damaged with Vitamin A.
  4. Single-Celled Parasites include amoeba, cryptosporidiumgiardialeishmaniasis, neospora, protozoa, sarcocystis, spinal fluid parasites, toxoplasmosis, and trichomonas. All single-celled parasites are in the protozoa family and are commonly transferred through the air and food supply.  While a strong immune system can eliminate these parasites there are specific vibrational remedies for them. The primary remedy for single-celled parasites is the Protozoa Kit.
  5. Spirochetes are a group of organisms that Hanna including in her teachings on parasites because of their behavior in the human body, but they are technically a bacteria. There are many kinds and many sizes and researchers have found at least 5 different types. Spirochetes are able to bend their bodies and oscillate while adhering to some object by one end. They multiply in the blood and lymphatic system and can remain dormant for extended periods of time, coming out when the system is stressed. This organism is widespread, difficult to diagnose and is associated with run-down, immune-defiecient conditions such as AIDS, Candida albicans, Epstein-Barr and herpes. The species of Spirochetes called Treponema (which causes syphilis) does not respond to herbal remedies and should be treated by a physician. Remedies include SPK FormulaProtozoa KitSpecial X Vibropathic and teaTrichinosis Vibropathic, and the X-40 Kit.

After you’ve had any kind of scavengers and after you have cleared your body of them, you have to consider rebuilding your body next. For example, if lung flukes have been in your body, they have made tiny holes throughout the organ so you have to rebuild. Taking Vitamin A, E, and Lung Formula regularly for one month will help to heal the lungs. If parasites have perforated the intestinal tract the holes must also be healed with Vitamin AAloe Vera juice, and a probiotic like Taurin Dophilus. To repair liver damage caused by worms try GoldensealGoldenrodCloves, B-Complex (like Anti-Fatigue), and Vitamin E. After blood flukes or spirochete, one gallon of Hyssop tea a day for two days (2 gallons total, no food) will clear the toxic waste the scavengers have left and heal the damage. Following protozoa take two teaspoons liquid chlorophyll in 4 ounces of water twice daily.

Signs of Parasites

Chronic Fatigue: symptoms include tiredness, flu-like complaints, apathy, depression, and impaired concentration.

Immune Dysfunction: Parasites depress immune system function by decreasing the secretion of immunoglobulin A.

Constipation: Some parasites, because of their shape and large size, can physically obstruct certain organs like the colon, liver, and bile duct.

Diarrhea: Certain parasites can cause frequent loose stools.

Gas and Bloating: Parasites that live in the upper small intestine cause both of these symptoms.

Anemia: Parasitess leach nutrients from the human host and if they are present in large enough numbers the can create enough blood loss to cause a type of iron deficiency, even pernicious anemia.

Nervousness: Parasitic metabolic wastes can serve as irritants to the central nervous system. Restlessness and anxiety are often the result of systematic parasite infestation.

Allergy: Many allergies are caused by parasites as some increase the level of eosinophils. If this is the case, eosinophils can inflame body tissue and make allergic reactions to food in particular, but also pets.

Hanna thought everyone should do a parasite cleanse at least once a year: “Good health starts with cleansing out the waste, including worms and parasites.” In Ayurveda, we do a Fall cleanse, and then a deeper cleanse in the Spring.