yoga teacher training with Victor Varana

yoga teacher training with Victor Varana

Accommodations including tuition:

Deluxe Room w/private bath - 1 person $1332

Deluxe Room w/private bath - 2 people $1432

Std Room w/shared hall bath 1 person $1166

Std Room w/shared hall bath 2 people $1405

Shared room/twin/shared bath 1 person $925

Shared room/twin/shared bath 2 people $1266

Standard (Std) rooms include a double or queen bed. 


Photo by J. renee DeTar

Photo by J. renee DeTar

Yoga Retreat for Serious Students & Teachers

Treat yourself to a yoga immersion in the heart of the Poconos. The focus will be on you utilizing mantras, yantras, chakras with other tools from the yogic sciences. Learn how to incorporate materials from Yoga International into your practice. All participants can choose if they want to receive a mantra, go through mantra initiation and learn how to incorporate the practice of japa into your meditation practice. Time will be allowed to indulge yourself into a massage (included in tuition) ar PureRejuv, the wellness center at the Himalayan Institute. They provide a rich menu of different therapies, traditional and Ayurvedic, that can be found here. Incredible food, practice, fellowship and nature create the perfect environment for you to rejuvenate your system, refine your teaching skills and prepare for the holiday season. 

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Yoga Retreat for Advanced Teachers

Venue – Himalayan Institute
Dates – Nov 8-12, 2017
Assistant Teachers – 1

Yoga "treats" planned

2 yoga classes per day: One in the morning, restorative in the evening

Will have time to schedule
healing massage or Ayurvedic treatment in the PureRejuv Center.

Attend a module of Swami Rama's Maha Samadhi Celebration

Packages include

Room & tuition

Vegetarian Meals


Hiking trails

Packages do not include:


Airport transfers to HI

Additional Therapies at PureRejuv

Additional food/drink outside of meals