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BandhaYoga Workshop with Dr. Ray Long - NEW DATE

  • Life Equals 1417 11th Street Kansas City, MO 64101 USA (map)

Author of the BandhaYoga Anatomy books, Ray Long, MD FRSCS is returning to us in Kansas City. Dr. Long is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and the founder of BandhaYoga. Ray graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School with post-graduate training at Cornell University, McGill University, the University of Montreal and Florida Orthopedic Institute. He has studied yoga for over twenty years, training extensively with BKS Iyengar and other leading yoga masters.

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Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 am registration, 9:00-5:00 pm workshop with a break for lunch

Saturday Morning session

Fundamentals of anatomy and biomechanics for yoga: This section will form the foundation of the workshop. It includes "from the ground up" review of muscles and joints, with an emphasis on techniques for optimizing your practice while reducing the risk for injuries. Breathing biomechanics: Ray will cover the diaphragm and the accessory muscles of breathing, and how to integrate this knowledge into your practice of pranayama and Qi Gong.The morning session will conclude with an asana practice that combines different muscle stretching and strengthening methods.The anatomic focus of this session will be the hip and knee joint. The asana focus will be standing poses and forward bends.

Saturday Afternoon Session

The afternoon begins with a quick review of the material from the morning session, then we will launch into the core.The Core: What is "the core" and how can you integrate it into your yoga practice? This session will go over the core muscles and their relationship to fascia. As always, we will be applying it with actual exercises. Then we will see how to integrate the core in a Vinyasa based sequence that uses the stretching methods we learned in the morning. You will gain an understanding of the interconnections and how to use this to develop core based practices tailored to your students level and needs. The anatomic focus of this session will be the pelvis and lumbar spine. The asana focus for the afternoon will be backbending. We will use the knowledge from the first two sessions to create a safe and effective backbend practice and then do that practice together.

Sunday Morning Session

This session will begin with a review of the fundamentals, building on what we have learned already, focusing on principles of safe movement. We will then apply the principles to the shoulder joint. You will see how your shoulder is integrally connected to your core and how accessing this connection can be used to protect your shoulders, elbows and wrists. This session will cover common shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff tears and instability. The anatomic focus of this session will be the shoulder and upper extremities. The asana focus for this session will be arm balances.

Sunday Afternoon Session

This session will cover inversions. Do you ask the question, "how much weight should be on the head in headstand?" or "how can I protect my neck in shoulder stand?" Do you wonder whether you should practice or teach these poses or what are the benefits? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this session. The anatomic focus of this session will be the cervical spine. The asana focus will be headstand and shoulder stand.

The location of this event will held in it's entirety at Life Equals located at 1417 11th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64101. 


One session ($80) one full day ($155) or the entire workshop is $300.

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