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KCYT Certification Course, Part 1 of 4

  • Life Equals 1417 West 11th Street Kansas City, MO, 64101 United States (map)

This module is open to those who have been accepted into the KC Yoga Therapy Program. It includes the six following classes and and the KC Yoga Therapy Manual for Physical Examination that will be available for download once registration is processed: 

Class 1: Course overview & requirements; JFS practices concepts of agonist and antagonist; Yoga Sutras on asana; practice 24 SYT asanas. 
Class 2: YogaBreathing; Joint Freeing Series variations (standing); bodyreading, 4 body types, JFS and 24 asana practice and bodyreading self-assessment.
Class 3 : Sun Salutation; Recognizing progress, guidelines and the Big Picture (Koshas) Yoga Sutra concepts – Kriya Yoga , yama and niyama; applied anatomy & kinesiology - identify what you are feeling in poses; Experience of koshas with Yoga Nidra.
Class 4: YS concepts – Kriya Yoga , gunas, Ashtanga Yoga ; ROM reading with JFS; Observe an assessment & recommendations; Introduction to Ayurveda (constitution,doshas, langhana/brahmana)   Homework - do 24 poses and see if your experience aligns with kinesiology chart; Ayurveda books by Lad and Frawley.
Class 5: Isolation exercises for optimizing mobility and strength; anatomy of the spinal column; sacroiliac assessment and therapy; scoliosis assessment using scoliometer; Ayurvedic concepts – doshas, prakruti, vikruti.
Class 6: JFS for strength; ROM examination using goniometer; living anatomy &  kinesiology with SYT asanas; 4 students of the Yoga Sutras and major concepts - gunas, kriya yoga, Ashtanga. Homework – Ayurvedic self-assessment, practice goniometer use.

Books for this certification Four Part series: 

  • Structural Yoga Therapy, Mukunda Stiles
  • Structural Yoga Therapy Charts, Mukunda Stiles (will be provided)
  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization. David Frawley
  • Textbook of Ayurveda: Fundamental Principles, Dr. Vasant Lad
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as interpreted by Mukunda Stiles
  • Measurement of Joint Motion: A Guide to Goniometry, Cynthia Norkin and Joyce White
  • Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, David R. Hawkins, MD. Ph.D

Prerequisites: YOU MUST BE ADMITTED INTO 500 HR OR YT PROGRAM IN 2017. If you have completed your 500 hour training, our next YT enrollment period will be in 2018. 

To register for the course, click here.