A letter from Stephanie, graduate of the 200 hour IIYS/ReneeYoga teacher training

Hi Renee,

I trust life is well is with you. I still think of the teachings you offered in your immersion training with gratefulness remembering the time in Tulum. Much has happened since then - my 7 year relationship ended, I started healing painful memories through hypnotherapy, and I
traveled/studied in Europe on my own. You were right. I learned there are people in the world, and they are not a threat to me.

Finally, yoga is no longer a fight with myself. I used to feel rejected by yoga because pain and injury permeated my sequences. Now I flow as my mat is filled with experience over evaluation by listening to my body rather comparing to external measures. This extends from my mat to my life, and I am endowed with a deep understanding that I'm not all better now because again, you were right. There was never anything wrong with me. With this, I send my gratitude for being a part of me which is now part of my community.