Herbal Energetics Chart

So many have questions about what herbs to use and how. If you start with the plant properties, it is very helpful when you start using essential oils, so I think it is the foundation...kind of like learning to stand in Tadasana before you do Triangle pose. So here is one of my solutions, by David Frawley, famous author of Yoga & Ayurveda, one of my all time favorite ayurveda books. (You can follow him on Facebook by the way.) I have tagged his laminated "Herbal Energetic Chart" here which I refer to often if not daily. I keep it in my kitchen. The name of the herb and part used of plant is listed, as well as the tastes, energy, elements and conditions each plant can be used for along with preparation. I will post another chart that I use for fragrances and essential oil soon, but this one rocks for general use purposes for well being. For the chart -- click here!